The Emely set up its Cafe at an art exhibition curated by Aid & Abet in Cambridge.

The Cafe was open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12-7pm from the 8th April until the 7th May.

This particular Emely Cafe was developed by Ella Perkins, Owen Hodkingson and Rosalie Schweiker and it responds to the show's title:


This is what we wrote for the Press Release

"By playing Cafe we want to learn more about economies of scale and find strategies for artistic survival. So far we have done our work for free and with little resources. Now, its time to learn how our work could grow and become sustainable in a long term, without us turning into a big thing or even worse, the big society. With this Emely Cafe we want to bring together small businesses and home-based artists to find out about their (and our) working conditions. The Cafe will provide the space and framework for this endeavour. And it will also be a place where you can simply sit down and have a good cup of tea."

Click here to read a more detailed text about the cafe or click on the handwriting to find out more about the cafe's goods.